Tebogo Makamela.   "It is important we add to the training and empowerment of black engineers - it is the cornerstone of building South Africa".

Tebogo Makamela is the founder and Chairman of MSW. He formed MSW in 2004. Tebogo studied BA Law, and has attended various short term management courses. His Corporate experience started in 1996 where he was part of the National Empowerment Company which bought Johnnic, and where he was also a Director of Johnnic Properties . He is also currently the Chairman of Masetlaoka Business Holdings.                            


Vyande Chisiza.    "The manner in which we approach a project is that it takes a life of its own; it's neither a carbon copy nor a cut-and-paste solution"

Vyande is a Director and CEO of MSW, a position he has held since 2006. Vyande has 26 years experience in the management of civil engineering projects and more than 16 years experience in managing companies in the construction environment.  He holds a BSc Degree in civil engineering (Building Construction) and is a Professional Construction Project Manager (Pr.CPM).

As CEO, Vyande is tasked with ensuring all the role-players of MSW adhere to the vision, high quality of performance and professionalism the company promises to fulfil. His employment empowerment vision ensures MSW's adherance to top quality employee performance.

Ian Hargreaves. "Our current focus is on delivering a quality product on time and within budget".

Ian has 23 years experience in the construction industry and holds a BSc Degree in Civil Engineering. He is a UK Chartered Engineer and Professional Registered Engineer in South Africa (Pr.Eng). 

On appointment as the Technical Director of MSW in 2007 his focus is on ensuring we deliver quality products on time and within budget. From looking after our clients' interests to working on infrastructure that makes a difference, and as a quality manager, Ian is responsible for the delivery of quality servcies by all service divisions of MSW.

Raymond Madi.  "Our positive client feedback puts us in a different league". 

Raymond Madi is the Business Development and Marketing Director of MSW. He is a co-founder of MSW and has been with the organization since its incorporation. Raymond has over 10 years of extensive knowledge and experience in management of various business environments. He has held various senior management positions in numerous companies. Raymond has studied Law and has numerous in-house business training with the respective companies he worked with.

Raymond's role involves developing and managing business development and marketing strategies to grow MSW in the Southern African Market. His vast experience in marketing has allowed him to assist MSW in determining areas in which to consolidate the company's market focus, thereby helping us to be experts in our field.  He also brings to the team an understanding of the potential that can be discovered in individuals, and the know-how to make this happen.

Neilson Young   "I love the diversity of my role".

Neil is the MSW Associate Director for Human Capital Development. He has 40 years experience in project management, senior technical assistance and consulting fields.  Neil holds post graduate certificates (cum laude) both in Strategic Planning and Project Management from RAU. He is a member of the Institute of Management Services, Nautical Institute, and the International Project Management Institute.   

In 2007, Neil became MSW Associate Director for HCD and includes a diverse role of technical and management support ranging from compiling Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to programme management for large government funded projects.


Albert Shoko   “Water is life! Our professional team is in the forefront to assist municipalities, provincial and national Government provide clean and sustainable water!"

 Albert Shoko is a professional engineer with 27 years’ experience in urban and rural infrastructure service provision. He has dealt with planning, procurement, design, construction management as well as closeout stages,  all in the SADC Region. Albert holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Honours). His main focus is on water and sewerage, roads and stormwater drainage, waste collection and disposal, buildings, dams, water conservation and demand management in the SADC Region (15 countries). Albert’s main areas of experience include the coordination and management of projects and feasibility studies as well as overseeing project implementation  teams. He also has developed skills in project management for both engineering projects and mining establishments, with especial knowledge of the redesignation of land and titles for mines. In addition, Albert has worked with office administration and management for municipal, governmental, construction and consultancy establishments. In June 2012 he joined the board of directors of MSW. His main role involves ensuring professional adherence and quality control on all water projects by our technical staff.









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